“NNGE” – Oddisee ft. Toine

D.C Stand up!!! Oddisee is really representing for the chocolate city out here. For those who don’t know Oddisee he has some J. Cole and Mick Jenkins vibes to him but he’s definitely his own artist and has his own dope style. His album is AMAZING. Even though it doesn’t have the buzz of other albums, it is definitely one of the best hip hop albums to drop this year. This jam right here has that Go-go beat in there and is so thoughtful and comes through as some beautiful art. Get to know Oddisee!

“I mean what is there to fear
I’m from black America this is just another year
If you’re new to disrespect by your elected puppeteers
Well let me show you how to persevere
Just get up every time somebody knocks you down
And celebrate in front of people like they’re not around
And if they try to build a wall to keep you balling out of bounds
Use the bench they told you to warm to keep the fences knocking down
Shout out to latinos because hustling ain’t illegal
We praying to the east or the father, we all are equal”


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