“Lens” – Frank Ocean

Post by Billy G:

Can’t stop listening to it. I could do a podcast on it. He paints such vivid pictures for being an artist who remains so in the shadows. Love the production too. So many phases.

Alright. So the beginning of the song frank is telling a story about (presumably) earlier in life when he was in a relationship with a woman but he also had a side relationship with a man in secrecy. He then moves into the phase of talking about where he is nowadays and the life he’s living. The song at its core is about how even though he’s committed many sins over his life, his ancestors are still actively looking down on him (with a lens) and smiling because they are proud of him despite his “sins.”
Towards the end of the song he starts naming deceased family members of him saying they have a lens on him. There’s also some discussion (not sure if it’s a stretch) that the second of series of names he drops are people who have a lens on him in terms of being on the same wavelength of him, such as a young upcoming gay black male artist out of Texas who cites frank ocean as a huge inspiration… Kevin something, I’ll look it up. But I watched some of his videos and they were nuts. And pretty good.

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