“Colors” – Leunamme

New Artist Spotlight:

I want to introduce y’all to Leunamme, a new artist out of Atlanta, GA. An R&B artist that has a lot of hip-hop elements in his sounds, Leunamme is really starting to make some noise. And by noise, i’m specifically referencing his new track “Colors”.

The vibe around the song is really dope. There’s this dark, murky, gritty feel to the beat and you can sense that feeling being carried out through this song. The female vocals that underlay his vocals during the chorus really brought an extra dimension towards the end of the song. He is addressing a woman, talking about his desires for her and her desires for him. The way the vocal editing is done, it sounds like she’s responding to him. It’s haunting and gripping, almost like she’s a ghost, and that’s really in sync with the rest of the song. Is he going to get her? Is she just in his imagination and he can’t get to her? Just a man in his feelings, going through his thoughts.

Production is on-point and conceptually, its really dope as well. Pop this onto the car’s audio system, turn it all the way up and have that late-night drive with all your thoughts and feelings. Let’s get Leunamme poppin’!


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