“Nuggets” – Mura Masa ft. Bonzai

Guest post by Donovan A.:

Alex Crossan, aka Mura Masa, links up once again with regular vocal companion Bonzai on this track re-visiting the whole “love as a drug” trope, but interlaced with a “summery”, bassline-driven vibe.

Unlike many of Mura Masa and Bonzai’s other collaborations (see: “What If I Go”, “Know Me Better”), we get an almost-rapping Bonzai for most of the track outside of the pre-chorus and background vocals. Through lyrics like “that shit hits and you’re in for the long run”, Bonzai conveys a sort of acceptance and familiarity with the narcotic effects of love that is complemented by the blase attitude coming through in her voice.

Interspersed afro-caribbean percussion elements and those subtle background “party yells” (as I like to call them) add just the right bounce that give this song the potential to be a late summer hit. Long-time fans of Mura Masa will recognize the self-titled album’s noticeable departures from the more experimental sounds of “Lotus Eater”/”Soundtrack to a Death” along with strategic big-name features that intend to propel Crossan into the mainstream as he tries to find a niche for his unique, electronic sound. And he deserves it. “Nuggets” like the rest of the album is poppy, accessible and ‘safe’ for Crossan as he looks to grow his fanbase – and his big singles and even bigger features will likely get him there. But I urge new listeners to check out some of his older projects (“Someday, Somewhere”, anyone?) which showcase more of his raw talent and allow him more room to move without competing with or producing for mega-features and streams.


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