“Right Now” – HAIM

This song captures a certain range of emotions so perfectly. It’s that feeling that you have when you begin to confront your own feelings and then you confront someone that has done you wrong. The way the lyrics are sung and the way the tone of the instrumentation changes, between the verses and the chorus, are almost reminiscent of shifts between inner and outer dialogue that a person conducts. All while an underlying storyline is simmering.

While you listen to the song develop and the story unfold you can relate to the singers journey of heartache to liberation. At first there’s almost a yearning for reprieve as the heart comes to term with its situation. Then there’s a glimmer of hope with that slashing guitar interlude. Finally, we get to the liberation with the drums at the end. The way the music matches the emotional journey of the song is so dope. You can really feel something here.


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