“Pain” – The War On Drugs

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This is a song I’ve been waiting to write about for a minute now and a band that I’m absolutely infatuated with. They have such a vintage sound; think of 90s rockers like Sting and Bryan Adams with a darker, edgier vibe. This song doesn’t deviate from the vibe that they are known for, which is a really great thing because they sound absolutely incredible. The emotions being stirred by this tune are real as fuck.

The song is called Pain and even if you don’t necessarily feel pain while you listen to it, you still feel something. It’s absolutely perfect that the official music video came out for the song as well. You can pair the visuals to the vibe of the music. Truly you can get the same sensation if you close your eyes and listen to these troubadours serenade you into oblivion. This kind of music allows you to get lost in a really beautiful place and that is really dope!


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